Innovative solution for monitoring the elderly and the sick

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  • Safe areas

    • Adding area

      Create areas

      It takes a few clicks to create safe area.

    • Area violation

      Area violation

      You can easily relate area with SMS with information of its violation.

    • Areas management

      The list of areas

      You can manage all areas from one list.

  • Online monitoring

    • You need just WWW browser

      On-line monitoring - you need only www browser

      System works on most of the popular browsers. System don't required to install any software.

    • GPS Life in mobile phone

      On-line monitoring - GPS Life in mobile phone

      You can use system on most of the mobile devices.

    • Many wards

      On-line monitoring - many wards

      When you monitor a lot of people at the same time...

  • Localization on request

    • On request via browser

      Localization on request via browser

      Additionaly you can check position of the ward in this moment - just one click.

    • Via SMS

      Localization via SMS

      Send simple text to the system, for instant reply about position of your ward.

  • Intelligent notification

    • Intelligent notification

      Intelligent notification

      Example events, about which people from contact list, would be informed.

    • Content of the notification

      You can define by yourself content of the notification or you can use default template.

    • Notification receiving

      Sample SMS message received from the GPS Life.

    • Notification for many people

      Notification for many people

      Together you can more. Therefore alarm notification can be sent to many people.

    • Contacts managment

      Contacts managment

      List view allows you to add, change and to authorize new people on the list.

  • Context help and customizations

    • Context help

      Context help

      Description of the the most important elements of the system is always at your fingertips. Just click on the icon with question mark.

    • Customizations


      User-friendly interface makes it easy to use the service.

    • Remote support

      Remote support

      You can always contact us.

  • Routes history

    • Route drawing

      Route drawing

      Sometimes information about where person monitored was is priceless.

    • Route show

      Route show

      Select a date, range and review of routes of your ward point by point.


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