For people with memory problems, patients at risk of attack and their carers.

Carers of the people with memory disorders

    • Possibility to locate the lost person quickly.
    • Immediate information in the situation when the ill person leaves the area defined as safe for them.
    • More freedom for the carer and the ill person.

    It is always safer with the GPS Life!

    • Do you need to reconcile the care over the ill person with other activities, your job, for example
    • Are you afraid that the person you look after will vanish, get lost or escape?
    • Do you want to make the ill person as free as possible, without risking their safety?

    The GPS-Life is indispensible

    • Caring for someone with memory loss?
    • Your ward is disoriented or lost in the city?
    • He has difficulty recognizing friends of people

    GPS Life is just for you!

The sick, the risk of attack

    • Possibility to call for help in emergency quickly
    • Informing your relatives where you are, if you get lost or involuntarily leave your safety area.
    • More freedom and independence for you which lets you enjoy the activity for the longer period of time

    Feel safer thanks to the GPS Life!

    • When you need assurance that you will be able to summon help in any situation
    • When you leave unwittingly safe place for themselves, without informing anyone
    • When you get lost in the city or forget the way back home

    GPS-Life is irreplaceable!

    • Are you threatened with heart attack?
    • Do you fear the stroke?
    • Do you have the epilepsy attacks?
    • Do you suffer from the memory losses?
    • Do you lose the sense of direction and get lost in the city?

    The GPS-Life is just for you!


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